The General Director of FCC, Mr. Michio Fujinami obtained his architecture degree from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan before subsequently attaining the First Class Architect licence to become a licenced architect in Japan. Having then worked at the global department of a major Japanese construction firm in Japan for almost a decade, he ventured out of Japan and established his own architecture firm Fujinami Architects & Associates (FAA) in Singapore in 1989, FAA was then one of the first registered Japanese architecture firms set up in Singapore.  In 2004, Mr. Michio Fujinami, seeking greater opportunities in developing markets around the  region, took the step of expanding FAA's professional services overseas, hence  resulting in the establishment of Fujinami Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (FCC) in Vietnam.


After more than 18 years of establishment of FCC in Vietnam, we are proud to have worked with highly reputable companies such as Tokyu Corporation, Zensho Holdings, Itochu Corporation, BMW, Nissan, ACB Bank, MB Bank, SCB Bank, GP-Invest, Nova Group, etc. in delivering the desired ideas and solutions that fulfill their needs for a better built environment.