Architectural Design    意匠設計




Design is an ongoing process which does not only involve the sole work of the designer. The design process also constitutes conscientious and pro-active interactions with the client. As designers, we constantly question and re-interpret the design brief and project requirements, enabling us to push the boundaries posed by the brief and generate original ideas. These ideas manifest in the form of spaces, which possess elements that provoke the occupant's senses and elicit a response from the occupant. We believe that this process of actively engaging the client to have new perspectives, while acceding to the basic needs of the client is the underlying thread of design.


With our extensive experience obtained from numerous projects of various scales and requirements, along with the diversity of our design team, we have provided good design that has been appreciated by our esteemed clients. However, we are never satisfied and will always pursue better design outcomes, striving for a position at the forefront of architecture design in  Vietnam and possibly, the region and the world.