Urban Planning    都市計画




Urban planning is the design and development of spaces at a massive scale that exceeds individual buildings and architects are not normally comfortable with. The intricacies and level of detail required for good urban planning is normally not a job for an individual but a job for an experienced team of professionals. FCC has undertaken multiple urban planning projects over the years and gained valuable experience from them, while providing good solutions to our clients.


The process is one of collaboration across multiple disciplines with the engagement of both the client and other diverse stakeholders. We believe that not only do we have to create a comfortable environment for the end users, we also have to integrate the development with the surrounding urban landscape to engender better synthesis with the region's network systems. We also believe that the protection and use of the environment is essential to the well-being of the end users and has always been one of the main driving forces in our planning and design. In addition to meeting the environmental, economic and engineering challenges, we also provide advice our clients on how to go about implementing their developments.